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The biggest thing is that, even the smallest things that we do to others have an unimaginable impact on their lives.

Someone once asked me if the phrase “Tit for tat” was worth following.

“You feel bad, that means you will make others feel bad too”, he argued.

Debatable right?

I simply shook my head in denial. What he said would have been a more stringent form of sadistic mentality. My motto was simple, people should simply realize that every action of theirs matters. You never understand what the other person is feeling or going through and that what we say or do could actually be the cause of his pain. We don’t realize that an ever smiling person could potentially be depressed. What might be just a life saving lie for you might be a life changer for others. What might just be a betrayal for you could remain as a vendetta in someone’s heart. What might be a game for you, could mean love for someone. The bottom line being, everything counts. Every action matters: good or bad. The difference being, good ones would earn us more of affection and self respect. And the bad ones…if you believe in karma, will probably be bad in reply. But the similarities being- both will affect the other person’s life.

Nightmares are horrifying. But that we don’t understand until we have experienced one.


Heavenly delight 

It is when you feel the crunch of garlic bread and the butter melts in your mouth, the cheese oozes out of the fusili and the cream layers your lips, the jalapenos energise your glands and the red pepper vims your taste buds that you really : even food can taste like heaven. 

Chinese treat 

Butter garlic v/s sweet and sour. Which tastes better??? 

Blessed Rain 

When rain pours, the sky changes meticulously. 

Colours of Spring


“I slept like a log,

A cold wintry slumber.

And the next day I woke up to the tune of a cukoo

Touched by the soft, mild rays of the sun

With a waft of elixir,

Roses and aramies,

Ah, spring morning with flowers”

Spring is more than just a poetic word. Nor can it just be stereotyped as a season. Spring is a metaphor. The word spring evokes a thousand emotions ranging from inspiration to the poet, free time to the school goers, love for the lovers and a coiled mechanical structure to the simply wry ones. Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all seasons. It lacks the austerity of the winters, the sadness of autumn and the brightness of the summers. And it scores in peace- a noisy kind of peace.

However, the advent of spring begins with the cyclonic retreat of Bordoichila to her mother’s sweeping all on her way. And out of the torrents of rains that she blesses with, sprouts floral buds and blossoms. The world rejuvenates with green leaflets on trees. The field shoots out florets of grass. And the heroic of all- orchids or kopou phool- the white foxtail dangling from towering trees, with petals infused in purple. It is that time of the year when the cookoo’s voice echoes the air.

In my opinion, seasons, just like religions, are very personal. What to me is a tree could be someone’s memory and what to someone is just a song could be my hymn. Seasons are just like that- subjective. While most associate spring with love, fertility, activity, I like to associate it with rest. I think the Earth’s resting when it’s spring. It is like that latent period after a year round hard work when you watch your fruits bloom. Everything is beautiful at their creation. I like to think of spring as the starting point. Maybe that’s why most of our Indian calendars start with spring.

Isn’t it just like our lives? The similarities are striking enough. Think of a young boy…

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Fried ice cream 

Crunchy biscuit on the outside, oozy vanilla ice cream on the inside, this dessert is more than just a sweet. It’s a metaphor. 

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