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Merry Christmas folks…

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We are already in the mid of December, gearing up for the two remaining festivities of the year: Christmas and New Year’s Eve, both of which will be the swan song of 2018. And the gusto of the people can be very well witnessed from the way the city has been lit up for the two year ending celebrations. Fairy lights hanging from atop the apartments and buildings adorning the concrete manors which no matter how gigantically built would otherwise rarely grasp anyone’s attention. Christmas trees prettify the entrance of malls, decorated with shimmering streamers, stars and Christmas cheer. Beneath this would be cardboard boxes wrapped in gift papers which, even though empty or just kept for show would capture the eyes of many children. Pastry shops would begin displaying their Yule Logs and cupcakes.
And, if we are lucky enough, we may even spot Santa. Our beloved Father Christmas, Santa Claus has been a childhood fascination of almost every one of us. The jolly, pot-bellied, white-bearded man who obliquely was responsible for magically transforming mischievous kids into angels during the month of Christmas. As a toddler, most of us have prayed wholeheartedly to Santa hoping for him to grant us our desired gifts. Some of us have probably even stuck a sock out from our beds anticipating some Christmas cheer. Many of us got surprises in the morning. As a child, Christmas was all about chocolates, cakes, gifts and joy. In those days of ignorance, when we had fairly little idea of peace, it was a joyous celebration during our winter vacations. We would hope against hope for all our wishes to come true that angelic night.
As a kid, I remember decorating a guava tree with pebbles stuffed in coloured paper. To finish up my masterpiece, I would hang a fairy light over it and the entire tree would liven up in the evening. And the next morning I would wake up to find packets of chips and chocolates hanging from the tree branches. That’s how my Santa would bless me with (Of course I did find out the identity of who ‘he’ or rather, ‘they’ were, later).
But those were before digitalisation took place. Even now in the days of #Christmas #Celebration, I do hope to see kids decorating Christmas trees in their gardens with full energy, lighting candles to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. In this age of internet and having the world in the grasp of your palms, let us hope that the purity of our kids is left untouched and they still believe in the fatherly figure Santa who would bring gifts to them only when they listen to their mammas and play good. Let’s not deprive the kids of this generation with that sense of surprise that this festival boasts of. Rather than the showbiz on social media, let’s truly evoke the blessings of the almighty as the year ends. After all, Christmas is all about celebrating innocence, peace and unity.

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I pressed my shirt

And buckled my shoe,

Tidied my tie

All set to sway.

She smiled at me,

Her lips beaming as she said,



I pushed open the door

Held the keys to my car

In glorified fury,

I hastened away.

She held my hand,

Braced my shoulders and said,

“Stay with me”


I hushed my departure this time,

As quiet as it might seem.

Just like the moonlight sweeps into morning

And the twilight darkens to night.

But she held me close,

Her eyes entreating,

“Stay close to me”

She said.


But now once time

Had played its tricks,

And taken her too far,

I wish I had stayed.

For I stand

In the lonely Christmas lanes,

Staring at her window pane.


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Merry Christmas

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