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What if the walls could talk
just like you and me it would gossip
like aunties and good old grannies
it would tell stories of every home.
It would talk of mother cooking love in the kitchen

  • there wouldn’t be any secret recipes
    it would tell daddy how much she loves
    and how much more she cares for her home,
    it would tell the kids of every extra morsel she saved for them
    of every night spent awake in their ills
    and of every dream she burried for the sake of their happiness.
    Dear daddy would then stop worrying
    about what good his son watches while he texts his love all night
    and would secretly know of his daughter’s half written poetry,
    he would be well aware of their heartbreaks
    the walls would probably tell the kids
    that he was the real Santa on Christmas eves,
    And guess what, he wouldn’t forget anniversaries.
    For grandma, she’d be a little less lonely
    the voides that grandfather had left her with
    which we were too busy to fill,
    the lavender walls of her room would probably talk in.
    If walls could talk, wouldn’t it be great?
    It would choose its own color
    It would tell us when to paint
    It would bridge what people call
  • the communication gap.

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My grandma was a great cook.
in the years of her life being old
and complaining of backaches,
she wasn’t much allowed to cook
but the day she did the whole house
would smell of elaichi, dal-chini and ajwain ,
and voila, the lunch would be her biryani and kheer.
The saffron glazed yellow grains
drenched in desi ghee under a layer of succulent meat ,
and her kheer would taste like Amrit.
Months after she was gone, we decided to cook the same,
we added the elaichi,
we added the dal-chini,
and also added the ajwain.
But it didn’t taste the way it used to,
the kheer didn’t taste like Amrit.
Maybe we missed something?
Maybe we didn’t know the recipe?

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Shh… Hush!
I walk on my tiptoes to my room,
In the wee hours of the night
As I open my door to a room
Full of black, I switch on my phone,
As I creep under the blanket,
With a piece of chocolate saved
from yesterday’s tiffin, I switch on
Netflix and prepare to chill.
As the opening credits begin,
I look up, feeling a sense of freedom yet guilty,
Like indulging in a case of guilty pleasure,
A cocktail of mixed feelings,
Like the moonlight teasing the darkness.
Minutes later, the door opened
“Mumma, another story “,
my son climbed onto my bed,
I caressed his hair gathering my book
of bedtime stories –
Yes, I was happy.

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Today I’m gonna talk abt a guy. A really, really handsome guy. I’m already blushing. He’s the kind of guy who I’ve always wanted to date. He’s the kind of guy whom I’ve always wanted to be my life partner. He’s the kind of guy who perfectly fits my definition of Prince charming. He’s a bit older than me. But he’s puts in a lot of effort to prevent any issues of generation gap from ruining our relationship.
One of the best qualities in him is that he respects my mom and me a lot. He is always open to our ideas, no matter how out of the box they are (especially mine). Never has he ever shown any form of masculine dominance nor has he ever imposed any strict rules on me.
His life is a tale of sacrifices and hardwork, more than half of it being for his family and beloved. Not a singer but he has quite a collection of lullabies and bed time stories.
He’s not much of a cheerleader but a subtle supporter who tries his best to protect his family. If my mom is my superwoman, he is my superman (without capes of course). And by now you must’ve guessed, I’ve been talking about my dad.

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“You are nothing much. You are just a piece of my life, like every other people in my life is. You are just a part of it. But you are that piece who can make me laugh and cry at the same time. You are that beacon which sets my spirits on fire and at the same time douses my fury like an elixir. You are that piece with whom I can be cheesy right after being a red hot chilly. You are that piece who can make my tears taste smile. You are that piece who I wish to share my joys with and also run up to you with my sorrows.  And you are that piece whom I can get mad at but love at the same time. In short, you are nothing much…you are much more than what you think you are to me.”

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Five years and counting…Happy Anniversary “When the Heart Speaks”…

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mjMamma And Baby

See, animals too have share bond of love amongst them and their family members…

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