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I see us waking up on bed
Smiling at our good morning.

I see us making pancakes for breakfast
Kissing as we leave for the day.

I see you running in my arms in the evening
As I wait for you at the dinner table.

I see you caring me to bed
As we caress each others wound.

When I see you
I see our future,

A future I wish was true
A future – our happily ever after.

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Sometimes I wish I could
Just express my feelings
While I hide my thoughts
In the shadows of our love. .

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Do you wonder what
The rose says to the thorn,
Persuading it
to be a little less of sharp.
Do you wonder what
The rain says to autumn,
Cajoling it
For one day more of the mizzle.
Do you wonder what
The light says to the dark,
Sweet talking it
To follow it’s path.
And I wonder what
You would say to me,
To sway me
Into forgiving our pasts. .


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Answer me honestly, how many of you have finally settled in with your first crush and is living a blissful happily ever after life with him / her? Frankly, I don’t even remember who my first crush was: was it that guy from pre school? Or my then neighbor? The fact lies in this interrogation itself. First crushes are like those crocuses, lasting a warm spring, which if you’re lucky, may pay you a kind visit the next spring too. Now, let’s get to the intrinsics of what I’m trying to tell you, first crushes usually occur at a tender age. Mostly, it’s just an adrenaline rush or some kind of dash by the dopamine. But during that period of time, we are half as stable as an adult (not to mention , some adults tend to remain kids all throughout their lives). So, it’s better if we are wise enough to decide with our head. I’ve seen many of my friends changing goals and forgoing achievements only because they wanted to be with their crush. However, what’s dangerous about infatuation is that it is just the twin sister of love. Yet, what we ought to keep in mind is that, it’s the twin, not love itself 🤗

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I’ve been going through an internal turmoil,

The man I love

Is also the one I would not like,

I wish to splice my soul

Into two – let a part love

And the other dislike.

But my heart beats for both –

Love and it’s counterparts,

And I still don’t know

What this shall become.

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Sometimes we forgive, but don’t forget…

But what’s reality is that forgetting a terrible past is the beginning of forgiving…

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Someday you will find someone

Who would love your scars

And turn them soft.

Someday you will find someone

Who would clothe your barren body

To drape you in the love you deserve.

Someday you will find someone

Who would kiss your weak lips

To watch your smile.

Someday you will find someone

Who would pull your hesitant hands

To call you “mine “.

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