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My grandma was a great cook.
in the years of her life being old
and complaining of backaches,
she wasn’t much allowed to cook
but the day she did the whole house
would smell of elaichi, dal-chini and ajwain ,
and voila, the lunch would be her biryani and kheer.
The saffron glazed yellow grains
drenched in desi ghee under a layer of succulent meat ,
and her kheer would taste like Amrit.
Months after she was gone, we decided to cook the same,
we added the elaichi,
we added the dal-chini,
and also added the ajwain.
But it didn’t taste the way it used to,
the kheer didn’t taste like Amrit.
Maybe we missed something?
Maybe we didn’t know the recipe?

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Let’s talk : #12

That’s the last post of this segment and I personally consider it to be one of the most important ones. I can go on and on about it. For me, “fat” is no longer an adjective, it’s an emotion . Being fat is a feeling. And that phase of your life when you weighed a few pounds more than the Society’s accepted weight scale is a tryst. I had no problem with being fat. When I had just joined high school, I figured that with the extra classes that I had put my name into, it would be much about food, rest and studies. And in due course of time, I’d probably lose a kg or two – it didn’t really matter to me. Back then, when we were still trying to shape our careers, for me the most important thing wasn’t really my body shape. But then I met this girl who was supposedly my good friend who would walk up to me every morning and say : “Oh my God, you’re so fat. Why don’t you lose some weight ? Who would even look at you? ” She would suggests surgeries : liposuction, breast enlargement. Her words were having an impact on me. By the end of first month, I hated my plump face. I would just put on my clothes and make it a point to not look in the mirror. Within that time, I also had a crush on some jerk, whom I eventually heard him talking with someone behind my back : “That fatso, she won’t leave my back “- that with utter disgust. So much for helping him out with chemistry. Heaviness was stigmatised. And I was suffering from body issues. So, I decided to lose weight, 20kgs in 6months. Fabulous transformation, But people still call me fat. People still say my hands feel heavy and stuffs but that’s okay, I’m 54kgs now and I’m happy. Decide to lose weight once you feel like doing it, not because someone had criticised you. We’re all beautiful and born to eat šŸ˜.
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It proudly holds three of the ingredients that I love : eggs, beacon and butter. This obviously makes for a guilty pleasure on a cheat day… 

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Surrender yourself to gluttony with this cheese stuffed chicken breast platter combined with sauteed veggies and white sauce… Yum. 

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A big cheesy bite with the goodness of tomatoes, lettuce and carrot. Look at the bright colors the burger comes in store with… 

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Delicate Russian Salad in glass jar… 

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Five years and counting…Happy Anniversary “When the Heart Speaks”…

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