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“Who said that …

“Who said that you will get what you want when you are just a step away from it? Life can take you miles away such that you have no other way but to begin afresh.”

Why is it that life is so cruel? Why is it that you always don’t get what you want? It’s sad but that’s the very sad story of life.

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If God wants so…

If God wants something to happen, it will happen, even if you don’t want it to happen.

If this was not true, everything that we wished for would have come true and vice-versa.

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Maybe you couldn’t do it

Or maybe you just did.

Its’ not your luck to blame

But it’s the hard work you gave.

Luck’s really nothing

Not anything so supreme,

It’s just a page of the notebook- your life

Where your fortune you may write.

Just a bit of hard work, that’s all you need

Strive a little for your success, the gift

For no one’s luck is bad

Neither yours nor mine.

No one can be ever so sad

Depressed for luck’s cheat she faced.

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