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“When I decided to fall in love for the first time, people said love was tough. But I decided not to believe them; somehow you seemed to make it easier.

When we fought for the first time, people said love ended in tears. I chose to deny that; you had just planted a big smile on my face and there was no way you would turn it into tears.

When you broke my trust for the first time, people said love ended in heartbreaks. Mine won’t: I was sure. That was just a folly and you won’t repeat it.

When you picked others over me, people said love doesn’t revolve around chances. I didn’t pay any heed. You said I was your world and how could one not chose his world over others?

And the when we drifted apart, people said it was the end. Somehow, I still couldn’t believe them. You had just said “I love you” and it kept echoing in my ears…until you decided to let me go.”


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Sometimes, I wish I was pretty… And by pretty I mean very pretty, pretty enough for the love of my life to stare at me, with tireless eyes for hours and hours. 

Sometimes, I wish I was sweet, sweet enough to chit chat with coating every reality in candies. So much that my lover would wish to spend days and days with me. 

Sometimes I wish I was brainy, brainy enough to know everything that he likes, brainy enough to know his world. And then probably he would be more interested in talking with me. 

But most of the times I wonder… Would that actually be me… 

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The last week has been a rather cheesy one. You made me feel special, like I was the only person you cared for. 

But I want this to last. I want us to last for as long as eternity. 

I accept you the way you are, your idiocies, your childlike innocence, your playfullness, your carefree soul… everything. 

I trust you and the promises you made. 

I’ll hold on through every odds and evens we face. 

And I want our love to last infinity. 

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Every time I look at you, 

I promise to smile at you 

And be the reason for your smile. 

Every time I hold you, 

I promise to hold onto it 

For as long as I can. 

Every time I kiss you 

I promise to caress you with care.

I promise to be your home 

I promise to love you long 

And I promise to stand by you 

Through nights and dawns. 

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He held her hand, firm and tight. 

She stared at him, wide eyed. 

And then his eyes met hers 

They spoke words 

In their own language of love .

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“I don’t mind if you forget to get me a rose on rose day… 

The petals would hardly last a week and with time it will lose it’s color… 

I don’t want our love to be reflected by a rose… 

Let it last Forever. 

Happy Rose Day “

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interesting valentine day wishes

With the advent of February, while most of the “kids” (or what they are many often referred to as – young blood) gear up for their respective exams, be it boards or semester endings, a few gear up for an utterly trivial occasion: the Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day is one of the most overrated underrating versions of expressing love. And amidst our hectic schedules and mechanised lives, did our understanding of love become so meagre that we had to dedicate one entire week just to celebrate love? Or is this mere expression of love just another cheesy tactic to get our likes up in social media- our latest foyer into being the most “social” of the animal kind.


There was this article on the Reader page of my blog which allegedly stated: “Valentine’s Day is actually a sad day when St. Valentine was hanged.” Following this, I checked what the true story behind this event was.  St Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. As legend would narrate, during his imprisonment, he healed the jailer’s daughter, Asterius, and before his execution, he wrote her a letter and signed it off as “Your Valentine”. During the initial years, this day was associated with romantic love, which later evolved to sharing of flowers and confectionary.


And now, most of us celebrate without knowing the true story behind this very day for love.

Love has now lost its status from being that universal feeling which is attributed to be running the world to just a mere “hashtag”. Love in itself is a celebration. It is that tryst which initiates with attraction, moves forward with trust and lasts longer with acceptance. You don’t always have to be around that person to feel love; just a look is sufficient to make you feel better. It teaches you to be happy when she is, your heart  cries when she does and just like that, every dream of hers become yours and every wish of hers becomes your destiny. Love is learning and growing together. And the very thought of losing her would send chills down your spine.

Dear lover boys, before spending a precious hundred on roses and a thousand on chocolates, take a step back to ponder which way would your girl like: will she like being coddled just one day while the rest of the year she has to beg you for your attention, or will she like it if you pledged to hold on to her, for as long as eternity.

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