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I bleed,

Not because I had a choice

But because I was chosen.

I bleed,

Not because I’m impure

But I am bestowed with the power to procure.

I bleed,

Not as my weakness

But as a boon to light up a father’s home.

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Because I am a feminist and everyday is Women’s Day for me 😎

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I was born as pride

But you veiled me with shame.

I was born to be bold

But you clothed me with culture.

I was born as a beacon

But you deemed my birth dark.
I was meant to shine

But you shadowed my light.

I was meant to speak

But you muffled my voice.

I was meant to walk ahead

But you pulled me back.
I am the goddess of might

But you saw me as a weakness.

And on my birth

As I cried,

Through the cries of another woman

You eluded the woman that I was.     

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For you I am a girl

A woman with no worth.

For you I am a server

The bearer of your wrath.

Since the day of Ramayana and Mahabharata

My dignity has been nothing

But man’s desire and yearning.

O man of narrow minds,

Don’t forget that you were born

Born from a lady’s womb.

Dare to elude the pain she had undergone

Her sacrifices for you alone.

 Remember Goddess Durga

The epitome of strength.

And that you pray to Lakshmi

The provider of your wealth.

The little knowledge; not wisdom you have

Is nothing but Saraswati’s grace.

Yet you never saw me

With a respectful eye.

And yet you never thought

About the dreams of my life.

But now I have a voice

A voice to retaliate.

And I stand against injustice.

With my head held high:

‘I am a woman

The symbol of tolerance.

I am a woman

The giver of life.

The embodiment of strength

Fortitude and  placidness.

I am a woman

One of the goddesses’ kind.

The one who can change

I am that power and might.’

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