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My Friend

It comes it goes and never comes again,

It’s time.

They come, go and revisit,

They’re memories.

But the one which comes

Only when you’re lucky,

It’s a golden friend

Brighter than a golden feather.


Memories of My Friend

flood my mind.

Every time I’m ignored,

I recall the long lost days.


I’m not a sexton;

Neither a senior citizen.

Nevertheless I had lost

My Friend in my teens.


In sixth grade we first met.

United were we

But this ‘we’ broke to ‘I’

Two years later.


I don’t know what came about

Yet it was nothing less than a Tsunami.

Like the sea shore

The waves lashed us away.


And now our relationship is in ruins.

I wanna scream

Wish to shout

Yell out loud to her:

“Have you forgotten?

The 2970 hours of time we spent

Together as we laughed on jokes;

Backbit our rivals

Gossiped about friends;

The chit-chat we did

About boys and songs .

Remember when the elephantine girl slipped…

We snickered our hearts out

Although apologized later.

We both scored the same grades

A+ and ranked third.

Do you remember

When we first chatted online…

You waited for one and a half hour

While I was away offline;

When we were scolded by our Mentally Affected Teacher Harassing Students, MATHS teacher

For no reason of course.

You were famous for crying

And I…people said for bullying.

I know you know the truth

I’m not a bully.

Let this be a secrete between you and me…

My pumpkin, my nincompoop

Please come out of the hypnotism

You are in now.

Let’s mend our ways

Let’s join the thread together again.”

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Maybe you couldn’t do it

Or maybe you just did.

Its’ not your luck to blame

But it’s the hard work you gave.

Luck’s really nothing

Not anything so supreme,

It’s just a page of the notebook- your life

Where your fortune you may write.

Just a bit of hard work, that’s all you need

Strive a little for your success, the gift

For no one’s luck is bad

Neither yours nor mine.

No one can be ever so sad

Depressed for luck’s cheat she faced.

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There runs an ocean of friends by you

Where in the middle, you’re the island of refuge.

This ocean gushes and growls

Gulping all on its way but you.

And not a droplet nigh you

Not an inch drenched with love.

Seldom‘t comes over you and goes

Like seconds of bonding elevated to hours.

‘T makes you feel

 Boasting a rock for heart

And heavy…….

For loneliness is then you feel

Not when you’re alone

Yet when your friends are all gone.

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It was a Sunday morning; an as usual Sunday morning. I casually sat in the park, enjoying the sight of many young and old that came for evening walks or to work out their fats.  ‘My fats will never burn even if I do hundred push-ups a day’ I thought. My eyes scanned the entire area-greenery amongst concrete. That is when I spotted this girl- Niharika. I didn’t know her then though she was my neighbor  She came with her mother, clasping her mother’s hand like a tiny tot at my age. At first it seemed a bit amusing. Her mother led her to a nearby bench- made her sit and she left to join her friends circle. She sat there, her head turning from left to right. Her hanky slipped down. She didn’t notice that. I guess she was busy in her own world. So, I duly went and picked it up.  I think she ignored me too.

“Excuse me, you’re hanky” I said, as politely as etiquette demands. She held out her hand in response. I sat beside her. She had beautiful brown eyes that matched well with her fair complexion.

“Hello-”, I began, “I’m Tania. What’s your name?”

“I don’t talk with strangers” she retorted looking away from me

“We can be friends…”

She sat still. As if I was akin to any other abiotic component. My touchy nature would not let me forget and forgive this insult (not exactly one). ‘Do what you want! Sit alone in this park and I don’t care!’  My mind hauled over the coals.

Days flew by. And contrary to what I had stated earlier, that incident faded away gradually.

It was a social gathering held in one of our neighbor’s house. I had no interest in visiting such parties. But that day, the extent to which my sister pissed me was at its utmost limit and she was successful in removing the ‘unsocial’ tag from me.

The house was so cramped up. I wonder why ladies held such activities in their miniature bungalows in no other attempt but to showcase their affluence. And comically there was no trace of mosquitoes while it was a rainy day. How will they survive if they get in?

I sat in one of the corners alone for a few minutes until my chum came over.

“Hey, how’s on?”  , she asked

“Fine. School’s hectic although” I replied.

As we were in the middle of our conversation, that ‘I-don’t-talk-with-strangers’ girl entered. As usually, she was accompanied by her mother. She was donned in an oblong yellow dress. How weird.

“Poor girl” my chum sympathized

“Poor? Doesn’t seem so.”

“Not in that way but…she’s blind”

That was the shock of my life. She was blind. Whatever she did, the way she behaved, what she wore had only one reason behind them-the fact that she was blind. She had beautiful eyes which didn’t serve their actual purpose. She didn’t even know how she looked. She never saw and could not see this beautiful but cruel world. She was BLIND. I suppose that was the worst irregular conjugation I had and will ever make in my life. That day was a turning point, a vantage point to check my judgments.

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